Tania Semper Walks the Runway

Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 12.39.38 PM.png

Lights, cameras - strut! Our Creative Director Tania Semper and her handsome pup Bandit walked the runway during Toronto Fashion Week in support of the Wuxly Movement - a fashion brand that is proving outerwear can be warm, stylish & cruelty-free. Among other models were Canadian Olympic Metalist Gabby Daleman, Camille Labchuk, animal lawyer and co-host of the Paw & Order Podcast, Natasha Geddes from The Good Goddess and Fashion Photographer Nick Merzetti.

Wuxly Movement are not only advocates for animal rights but also demonstrate inclusivity and diversity in the fashion industry. What's not to love? #LiveWarm #TOTFW

Photos courtesy of George Pimentel