A Gender Equality Badass

A Gender Equality Badass

Karen Craggs is no ordinary Gender Equality Expert, she’s got a badass approach in delivering global results!

We had the opportunity to revitalize her brand, equipping her with gorgeous photos, videos, a stellar social media content calendar and gorgeous marketing/press materials to take her brand to whole new heights.

Science Made Easy - Epiterapia

People can stop counting their age by birthdays or candles on the cake, wrinkles, crow’s feet or the frown lines on their face.. Epiterapia is a new science brand that is proving the only age that counts is your biological DNA age and Pamper & Splurge was there to bring their concept to life.

Behind the scenes - jungle shoot!

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 12.11.51 PM.png

A behind the scenes look at a recent shoot we produced for a new sensual massage brand! Shhh.. it’s top secret for now.

We had so much fun building our jungle theme, we sourced over 45 tropical plants from Planterra, everything from 8 foot palms, heliconias to ferms and dracaena plants. Countless hours and top-notch planning allowed us to put together this mind-blowing set for our client.


We found the perfect platform to host our shoot and the timing couldn’t have been any more perfect as they were officially launching at that time. Checkout out An Excess of White, it’s a luxurious blank canvas for any shoot, and the owner, Audrey is an absolute gem to work with.

Our beauty team consisted of Ekaterina Ulyanoff for makeup and Julia Bronfen for hair. You’d be pleased to know that all of the products we used were cruelty-free ;) Something we feel very strongly about and strive for in all of P&S client shoots and campaigns.

Stay tuned for the grand reveal, more professional photos, videos, website and digital campaigns!

A Behind the Scenes Exclusive