Meet the Brainchild Behind P&S


Thank you for stopping by! Here's a little background about how the P&S brand was born.

As a Marketing Communications expert, Tania Semper had spent over 15+ years designing photo shoots, eye-catching digital campaigns and PR events for International fashion and beauty brands. It wasn't until a trip to Costa Rica in January 2017 that she experienced her enlightenment. There she witnessed beauty in it's purest form and was reminded of her true purpose in life. While she was happy helping these brands become more desirable, she felt uneasy about working with companies that didn't align with her personal ethos - protecting the environment and animals.

I was going to make caring for the planet sexy!

Pamper & Splurge is Tania Semper's way of living in alignment. The P&S lifestyle marketing brand that produces photo/video shoots, digital campaigns and live events; with a focus on companies  that are green or striving to be.

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Sustainably yours,

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