P&S x Straight/Curve


Pamper & Splurge joins forces with FGI Toronto to launch Straight/Curve into Canada


Straight/Curve is an International documentary set to redefine body image by challenging society's unrealistic beauty ideals.

Our team produced a media-rich marketing campaign equipped with social media teasers, enticing captions, countdown images and full video coverage. You can view a selection of the campaign assets below.

The public screening and event took place on April 23rd, where guests enjoyed cocktails, networking, a screening of Straight/Curve, followed by a panel conversation about the film featuring the following industry experts:


Laura DeCarufel: Editor-in-Chief of THE KIT (moderator) 

Lesley Hampton: Toronto-based First Nation Fashion Designer

Anubha Momin: Writer, producer, and host

Denise Bidot: International Plus-Size Model

Robyn Lawley: Australian Model


Local and International talent were in attendance.

Campaign Assets

Social Media


Video Highlights


Photo Highlights

Photography by Gus Protopapas and George Pimentel's team